PpcPad (Mobile 2003 ) for Pocket PC

PpcPad is a notepad which allows you to quickly jot down notes on your Pocket PC using your own handwriting !
PpcPad  (Mobile 2003 )

Version: 1.0

PpcPad (Mobile 2003 ) by: PpcSoft, last updated: 15/11/2004

Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003 with 2 MB RAM free (Not Pocket PC 2002 compatible)

About PpcPad (Mobile 2003 )

PpcPad is a notepad which allows you to quickly jot down notes on your Pocket PC using your own handwriting !

Sometimes writing notes in your own handwriting is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way of doing it, and PpcPad is the tool that will help you do this !

PpcPad main features:
  • Create notes using your own handwriting
  • Virtually unlimited number of notes
    (depending on available memory)
  • Each note may contain as many as 99 pages
  • Notes can be categorized for easier overview
  • Notes may have reminders
  • A zoom feature allow you to view 4 pages at a time for quick overview of notes
  • Templates allow you to create powerful notes quickly
  • Import or export bitmaps

Customers may also download:
  • Meetings Template
  • Shopping Template
  • TimeTracker Template

  • PocketPC Addict - Overall rating 9/10

This version of PpcPad is only compatible with Mobile 2003 ! A Pocket PC 2002 version is available separately at Handango !

The license is valid for one user - if you have both a Pocket PC 2002 and a Windows Mobile 2003 device, you may use the same registration code on both devices (provided you have the same Owners Name on both devices)

Try PpcPad FREE for 14-days, without any restrictions!

Please visit our website www.PpcSoft.com for more details about PpcPad

PpcPad (Mobile 2003 ), compatible Devices

Acer n10, Acer n20, Audiovox Thera, Dell Axim X3, Dell Axim X30, Dell Axim X3i, Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox, HP Jornada 560 Series, HP iPAQ h1910/1920, HP iPAQ h1930/1940/1945, HP iPAQ h2210/2215, HP iPAQ h3100/3600, HP iPAQ h3800 Series, HP iPAQ h3900 Series, HP iPAQ h4150/4155, HP iPAQ h4350/4355, HP iPAQ h5100/5400/5500, HP iPAQ h5450/5455, HP iPAQ rx3115, HP iPAQ rx3415, HP iPAQ rx3715, NEC MobilePro P300, O2 xda, Siemens SX56, Toshiba e310, Toshiba e330 Series, Toshiba e350 Series, Toshiba e550 Series, Toshiba e570, Toshiba e740, Toshiba e750 Series

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